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We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Wendell Malone II. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Wendell below.

Wendell, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. We’d love to go back in time and hear the story of how you came up with the name of your brand?

I always wanted to make a brand & incorporate my name somehow. So it kind of only made sense to use my last name. I’ve seen other brands have a name but I didn’t think it wasn’t personable in my opinion. Just a bunch of “brands” selling products.

I’m Wendell Malone II. Born & raised in Michigan been a Midwest kid my whole life. As a kid I’ve always wanted to have my own brand but never really went forward with the idea until Covid 2020 happened. November 2020 I made the leap to create my brand Malone Haircare & Grooming. Malone Haircare & Grooming is an originally a beard care line that is steady growing into more for men of all walks of life. Over the years of myself having a beard & using different products I quickly caught on to the fact a lot of products not only dried my beard out but the skin underneath it which is a BIG problem. I took it upon myself to fully dedicate myself to research over a period of time to create a quality product filled with 100% organic products that help promote hair growth. I think what sets my brand & products apart from everyone else is that it’s 100% me. I’ve created my brand, I sourced the ingredients for my products, I put together everything connected to Malone Haircare and Grooming. What I’m so proud about is I followed through with my dream as a kid of being an entrepreneur & continuing to live the dream. I want everyone that comes across the brand to understand I’ve put my blood, sweat & tears into making this brand and put out the best products to anyone willing to take a chance on a small business.

Already having a good understanding of social media in todays age I kind of go with whatever is trending and also create my own approach rather it succeeds or fails. I try to stay away from the trendy stuff though because that can reshape your brands image in a way you don’t want it being represented. I tend to use reels & market my posts towards the “bearded” audience, men that are looking for help their beard journeys and even help jumpstart other men’s beard journey.

I created my own digital storefront via Shopify. I choose to go that route because it was pretty easy to do. Shopify has many great tools that I was already aware of so I knew going into this decision to make my brand Shopify would power my website & keep things simple as possible not only for myself but for my consumers.